Hi, thanks for visiting The Brandon Buzz! 

My name is Liam, I am the founder of the Buzz, and I want to create a place where Brandon's Arts, Culture, and Music scene lives.

So often, I find myself missing out on events that happen around town, simply because I didn't know they were was happening. And then I hear my friends complaining about how there's nothing to do, and no one comes out to events!

Mike Latschislaw took this.

Mike Latschislaw took this.

With this in mind, I went to a couple City of Brandon meetings regarding a Culture Plan for Brandon. Something I took away from those meetings was the lack of communication, and the need for a forum to communicate local arts and entertainment. To me, this forum would have to be accurate, updated daily, interesting, and above all, modern and appealing to young people (like myself).

My goal with The Brandon Buzz is to create a cultural hub. With an accurate Calendar, Detailed Event Listings, Venue Listings, Shareable Content, and a beautiful design.

I am 100% open to changes, criticism, etc. so please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or advice!

Within a couple months, I am hoping to launch a physical magazine style publication with similar content and style. I would also like to add sports, improve the Calendar design, and incorporate as a non-profit so that The Brandon Buzz could accept donations to continue running.

I'm also always looking for more content. If you want to help write, take photos, or become a regular contributor please email: thebrandonbuzz@gmail.com