'Fired' Is Fired Up and Serving Great Pizza!

Brandon is home to so much great pizza, we could be called Manitoba's Little Italy. We're not though. No one calls us that. But we could be! 

Today, I went for a bite to eat at the new pizza place on Victoria Ave., 'Fired'. Hoping to crack the pizza market in Brandon by offering something a little different; 'Fired' is serving up great wood-fired pizza and street food fair.

Right away I was pleased to see that they did a great job redecorating and branding. Brick and wood were the theme for the little shop, with branding that invoked a fire-y street fair vibe.

I loved how the wood for the oven was right out in the open. It was cool to see the chefs grabbing wood right from the front of the shop. In an interview with the Westman Journal, owner Jamie Munro said he wanted to take 'pizza back to its roots', and having the wood out front certainly helps with the authentic atmosphere.

As far as food goes, I had the OMG!, and I have to say it lived up to it's name. Topped with mozzarella, roasted red pepper, sundried tomato, fresh basil, banana pepper, cured pepperoni, red onion, and feta cheese, the crust melted nicely in my mouth and overall I had a great pizza experience. 

I was impressed by the extent of their menu! 9 'Street Food' items from burritos to mac n cheese. 6 'Fresh Concept' dishes including trendy baja pickerel tacos, rice bowls, and salads. 10 extremely diverse appetizers. And of course 16 different, creative pizzas. 41 menu items and they offer gluten free options. Very impressive for their relatively small storefront! If everything on the menu is as good as the pizza, you bet I'll be back.

It's always great to see more local business in Brandon and I wish these guys and gals the best! So far they're doing everything right - great food, friendly staff, all day delivery - so now all they need is for you to get out an eat some pizza! I'm sure you won't take much convincing.