Top 3 Things To Do In Brandon This Weekend - February 26-28th

Brandon is nice and busy this weekend with a variety of excellent entertainment options! Here are my top 3 picks.

1. Brandon University Theatre Presents: Intersextions

The Evans Theatre // Feb. 25-27 @ 8pm & February 28th @ 2pm // $10

Intersextions is a collection of nine short plays presenting different variations on love and relationships. Put on and presented by a stellar student cast with live musical accompaniment, this is a great opportunity to get out and see what's happening at BU.

This kind of theatre doesn't happen in Brandon all that much, making it my top pick for the weekend. It's fun to get out and do something a little unusual!

A word of warning: the play contains some adult themes and language. 

2. Latin Night at Houstons

Houstons Country Roadhouse // Feb. 26th 9pm

I love this event because it's very 'Brandon' to have a Latin night at a 'Country Roadhouse'. Also, the Son Latino Band are amazing; playing high profile jazz festivals, folk festivals, and always leaving a crowd of tired dancers in their wake. 

The musicianship will be top notch tonight and the dancing will range from pretty bad to very good - depending on how well you salsa! 

3. Sebastian Owl at The Double Decker

The Double Decker Tavern // February 26th & 27th, 10pm

I grew up listening to Sebastian Owl at the Decker, Clancy's, The 40, even the WMCA. These Brandon-bred musicians now live in Winnipeg, but they still bring the 'sitting around the campfire vibes' wherever they're playing. 

It's a double header at the Decker this weekend, so it's pretty easy to get out and catch some of a set! 

It would be remiss of me if I didn't include a few other great events in Brandon this weekend:  The Tom Cats at Prairie Firehouse on Friday, For The Love Of Chocolate also on Friday, and Ainsley Friesen at Prairie Firehouse on Saturday. Lot's to do, so little time!

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Top 3 Things To Do In Brandon This Weekend: February 12-14

And I thought last weekend was busy! This Valentine's Day weekend, it was hard to decide on my Top 3 Things To To, but through careful deliberation and some dubious choosing ceremonies, I've narrowed it down. This time, there's something to do every day: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

1. Yuk Yuk's Comedy @ Prairie Firehouse

Prairie Firehouse, Feb 12 & 13, 9pm, $30

Yuk Yuk's has been coming to Brandon for years now and it's no less popular this time around! It's always hilarious with a wide variety of comics and routines. 

It pretty much always sells out, so get your tickets in advance or come nice and early. And you might as well - the Prairie Firehouse has great food and excellent drink specials all the time. I should know, I play there every second week!

Tickets are $30 each and Yuk Yuk's is on both Friday and Saturday at 9pm, so make sure to catch a show!

2. Roger Roger, The 204, and Ainsley Friesen @ The Double Decker

The Double Decker Tavern, Feb 12, 10pm, $5

Alright, I'm really excited about this show.  Actually, I'm really excited about the band Roger Roger! I first met/heard Roger Roger at Winnipeg Folk Festival's Young Performers Program and have since run into Madelaine Roger while playing and attending a variety of music festivals.

Recently, she and her twin brother, Lucas, have been doing extremely well with their debut record 'Fairweather'. And rightly so, it's super good. For one thing the songs are great, 13 Crows being a standout track for me, and to me there's just nothing like hearing siblings harmonize. People who share genes and sing together seem to create this special blend that just tickles my ears in all the right places!

To cap it off, they're joined by The 204, one of my favourite local bands and the elegant folky songstress, Ainsley Friesen. And it's only 5 bucks. Just go. Seriously.

3. MTC presents: The Hound Of The Baskervilles at the Westman Centennial Auditorium

Westman Centennial Auditorium, Feb 14, 8pm, $15-$29.50

Woohoo! Something cool to do on a Sunday! As far as Valentines Day dates go, you can't go wrong with this hilarious show.

As if Sherlock Holmes wasn't cool enough, MTC has put a Monty Python-esque spin on the classic story. And it's a hit.

Last spring the show received rave reviews and sold out shows in Winnipeg. This winter, MTC production has been traveling around Manitoba leaving a trail of audiences crippled by laughter in it's wake.

The ticket prices are nice and affordable at $29.50 for an adult, $26.50 for seniors, $25 for students, and $15 for children. Plus it's Valentines, so you might as well splurge a little. Get out and have some fun!

There's actually just so much going on this weekend and I would be remiss if I didn't mention a few other key events: The Evans Theatre shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the 13th, the Electric Valentine's EDM party on the 13th will be bumpin', and The Service is serving up rock n' roll at The 40 all weekend. No excuses Brandon, there's lots of fun to be had!

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Top 3 Things To Do In Brandon This Weekend - February 5-6, 2016

What are you going to do this weekend? No idea? Poor you! Good thing you have me around to plan your weekend! Here's the Top 3 things to do in Brandon this weekend!

1. 11th Annual Brandon University Big Band Dance @ SUDS

Saturday, February 6th at 10 pm. Tickets available outside the Lorne Watson Recital Hall on February 5th from 10-3. You are also be able to get tickets at the door!

Obviously my top choice, the big band dance is generally the highlight of my February social calendar. Michael Cain's wicked big band plays not just swing, but pop, funk, and soul hits that literally force my flat feet to get funky. 

There's just nothing quite like dancing your face off to a super tight live band. And not a regular band either; because it's a big band, there are more horn players in that rooms than is ever recommended at a party. But these guys and gals are a pretty good time, so it's alright.

Get out and party!

2. 'Carol' at the Evans Theatre

Feb 5, 6, 7 at 730pm at the Evans Theatre in Brandon University.

If you're not feeling up to dancing this weekend, why not go see a movie at the Evans Theatre? I mean seriously, this a great movie.

A standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival, Rotten Tomatoes 93% with an average rating of 8.6 out of 10.,the best-reviewed romance film of 2015 in Rotten Tomatoes' annual Golden Tomato Awards and a 95/100 on metacritic, winning the Best Reviewed film award for the same.

With stats like that, how could a movie lover refuse a movie like this!

3. Dylan MacDonald at Prairie Firehouse

Saturday February 6th, 8pm

You know him. He's good. Dylan MacDonald of The Middle Coast, Rave On, Tomcats, and seemingly 9 other local bands will be filling the Firehouse with solo tunes this Saturday. 

Dylan often has guests such as his dad, his sister, his bandmates, and anyone who just walks on stage and grabs the mic. He's good like that! The show is always fun, with a mix of originals, classic and modern covers, and a sprinkling of loop-laden guitar playing throughout the set.

While these are my top picks, it's worth noting there's lots more to do! Go check out Thousand Dollar Truck all weekend at The 40 - awesome country-rock covers! Alexander Tselyakov & Tigran Saakyan are on the piano, Saturday at the Lorne Watson raising money for the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival. And there's much more!

If you have an event to submit for this weekend or weeks/weekends to come, please submit your event! See you this weekend Brandon!

Highlights from Thursday at Winter Festival 2016

Last night I went out into the streets with the goal of getting to every single pavilion! Unfortunately, I missed out on the Irish Pavilion but got to all the rest!

It was very cool to see the city more alive than usual; lots of people out driving and moving around to different pavilions and many parking lots were jammed full! I took a few pictures and soaked up some culture: here they are!

Chinese Pavilion

My first pavilion of the night was the Chinese Pavilion! Chinese cuisine wafting through the air, I took a look (and bought) a cool, hand made, 3D Valentines Day Card. Decided to start the shopping a little earlier this year!

The decorations were bright and well-executed and the traditional Chinese dance was very interesting! They also had a photo room with a bunch of neat Chinese items! This would definitely be a good place to go for a bite to eat and a stay with your kids! Everyone was incredibly friendly.

Mauritius Pavilion

I was pretty excited to go to the Mauritius Pavilion as I had never been before! As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted with 'island vibes' including an authentic looking fruit stand and Mauritian jewelry/decorations.

The dancing is energetic and joyful and the music was great! The dancers did a great job of getting the audience involved and excited. The laid back, happy atmosphere made this pavilion a real treat! 

Brazilion Pavilion

WOW. The only bad part about the Brazilian Pavilion is that the lighting made it hard for an unskilled photographer such as myself to get any decent pictures.

The capoeira routines were absolutely incredible. Backflips, handstands, kicks, punches, the energy was palpable! It was very cool to see the audience become quickly captivated by the athletic martial artists! 

As if that wasn't enough, three ladies in marvellous costume took the stage for an energetic Brazilian dance which got the crowd moving along with them! The live drum band was loud, groovy, and their energy egged the dancers on. This was a seriously awesome pavilion and I would highly recommend it. Their show times are once an hour!

Ukrainian Pavilion

The first night of the pavilion, usually a quiet one, was not so quiet for the Ukrainians! People lined up for an hour to take in the traditional dance and most of all - the traditional food. Perogies, cabbage rolls, beer, they had it all and fed a horde of hungry pavilion-ers.

The dance was really enjoyable and part of this had to do with the excellent sound; they've stepped it up from years past. It was clear, nice and loud, and it made the dance seem that much more exciting.

I also caught a bit of the Sawchuck Sisters ripping it up on fiddle with their dad, Jason. These girls had a great sound, really nice touch on the fiddle! Keep it up!

Scottish Pavilion

As a Duncan Clan Scot myself, I always enjoy the Scottish Pavilion! If bagpipes are your thing, then get down here!

There was some great piping and singing of traditional Scottish tunes, but the highlight for me was Tom Foolery. Great Big Sea, Irish Rovers, traditional reels, sure it wasn't all Scottish per se, but it was all Celtic and Matt Zimmerman is really good at getting the crowd to drink! (He started the set by encouraging the crowd to drink whenever he sang 'drink', and proceeded to play 'I drink, I drink, I drink, to the lily pink' by The Irish Rovers!)

English Pavilion

I ended my night as many do - at the English Pavilion. Known for their great entertainment, The English Pavilion had 750 people through the door last night, and CP Express, Chris Ghidoni, and The Beetles kept the dancefloor moving.

Seriously, The Beetles were very, very good.

Do yourself a favour and get out to the pavilions this year! Every single one had lots of entertainment, food, and culture to offer. Check out the Event Listing or the Winter Festival website for more details!

Liam Duncan

Fun At The Firehouse - Live Band Karaoke!

The Prairie Firehouse was full of laughs and music last night as Live Band Karaoke took place for the first time ever!

Hosted by The Middle Coast, Live Band Karaoke is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! Karaoke, but with a Live Band! Choose from a list of songs or request a song by text to 204-724-7233 and The Middle Coast will whip it up and play it!

Following the Live Band Karaoke part of the evening the stage is opened up for an Open Mic/Jam. Last night everyone from duos to full blown bands stepped up and brought the house down!

Come back next Wednesday and have the best Wednesday ever!

The Brandon Buzz Goes Public - Mission Statement and Goals

Thanks for visiting The Buzz! I'm very excited about this new project and I hope you are too. 

Here at The Brandon Buzz, the goal is to provide Brandon with a detailed, accurate list of events going on in Brandon.

Typically, we are focusing on entertainment (live music, theatre, art, etc.) and fun community events (salsa making workshop, dance workshops, etc.). If you gave an event, please submit it to our listings here: Submit Your Event.

I also hope to provide fun, shareable content about what's going on, and am looking for other people to help contribute content to The Brandon Buzz. This could be pictures or articles or anything! If you have something to share, send me an email.

To make The Brandon Buzz accessible to young people, I'm going to be actively running our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and our Instagram account.

I also have few goals for this project, which are not yet realized. They are as follows:

• A printed, free, bi-weekly arts and entertainment publication in the form of a small newspaper of magazine, distributed throughout Brandon

• Incorporate sports into The Brandon Buzz. As a major part of Brandon's culture, I want to include sports, but I know basically nothing about sports. So I'm asking for your help. Do you know sports in Brandon? I need your advice! Email me.

• Register as an incorporated non-profit and accept donations towards the running of this site and the publication. Already a great deal of time and money has been spent on this site, and I would like to make the organization sustainable.

• Improve the design of the Calendar. 

• Include community centres in the Venues

I'm excited for what's to come! Please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Instagram to keep up with what's going on. Check back often, we're going to be busy!