Top 3 Things To Do In Brandon This Weekend - February 26-28th

Brandon is nice and busy this weekend with a variety of excellent entertainment options! Here are my top 3 picks.

1. Brandon University Theatre Presents: Intersextions

The Evans Theatre // Feb. 25-27 @ 8pm & February 28th @ 2pm // $10

Intersextions is a collection of nine short plays presenting different variations on love and relationships. Put on and presented by a stellar student cast with live musical accompaniment, this is a great opportunity to get out and see what's happening at BU.

This kind of theatre doesn't happen in Brandon all that much, making it my top pick for the weekend. It's fun to get out and do something a little unusual!

A word of warning: the play contains some adult themes and language. 

2. Latin Night at Houstons

Houstons Country Roadhouse // Feb. 26th 9pm

I love this event because it's very 'Brandon' to have a Latin night at a 'Country Roadhouse'. Also, the Son Latino Band are amazing; playing high profile jazz festivals, folk festivals, and always leaving a crowd of tired dancers in their wake. 

The musicianship will be top notch tonight and the dancing will range from pretty bad to very good - depending on how well you salsa! 

3. Sebastian Owl at The Double Decker

The Double Decker Tavern // February 26th & 27th, 10pm

I grew up listening to Sebastian Owl at the Decker, Clancy's, The 40, even the WMCA. These Brandon-bred musicians now live in Winnipeg, but they still bring the 'sitting around the campfire vibes' wherever they're playing. 

It's a double header at the Decker this weekend, so it's pretty easy to get out and catch some of a set! 

It would be remiss of me if I didn't include a few other great events in Brandon this weekend:  The Tom Cats at Prairie Firehouse on Friday, For The Love Of Chocolate also on Friday, and Ainsley Friesen at Prairie Firehouse on Saturday. Lot's to do, so little time!

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