The Beetles Celebrate 10th Anniversary at English Pavilion 2016

For the tenth year in a row, The Beetles are getting together and putting on a rockin’ show at the English Pavilion.


This is a special year for the guys, because they actually formed the band to play the English Pavilion 10 years ago! “We formed The Beetles because we couldn’t afford Free Ride, a tribute from Winnipeg,” said Mo, “I just called up my friends and said ‘Hey! Do you want to be a Beatle for the weekend?”

Ever since, The Beetles have been keeping up a steady stream of gigs, playing corporate events, socials, even weddings. “Every gig is different, in fact every gig is special,” said Mo, “it doesn’t matter it it’s Pile, Saskatchewan or Calgary Alberta, when you can get entire families; parents, kids, and grandparents on the floor and singing, that’s pretty special.”

Growing up English, Mo has a good reason to be so involved with the pavilions and The Beetles. “I love watching the dance floor fill up with people from all over Western Manitoba… and I love watching people stuff themselves with English food, and just enjoying the culture that I love so much."

There’s a few new things to look forward to at this years English Pavilion; Chris Ghidoni of the Whitemud Blues Band is singing the Women of British Pop, from Amy Winehouse to Dusty Springfield and CP Express will be taking audiences on a trip through The British Invasion.

Mo sees the festival growing bigger and better in the coming years, “having been designated a ‘cultural event’ by the city has really helped, and separating from the City of Brandon and becoming a non-profit will hopefully lead to increased funding.” Mo thinks that the extra funding should be put towards allowing other, new cultures to have their own pavilions in years to come.

The English Pavilion is always a favourite at Winter Festival and this year’s looking especially good! The Beetles have been working on updating their rep and committing to even more accurate renditions of Beatles’ songs; even digging into their live repertoire for more interesting arrangements!

When you’re doing the culture crawl this weekend, don’t forget to stop by and catch The Beetles! They close out every day of the pavilions, alternating sets with Chris Ghidoni until it shuts down at 1am.

For more detailed information on the English Pavilion, and the Winter Festival in general, visit their website or our event listings.