Felipe Munoz: Creating an electronic music scene in Brandon

  The Brandon Buzz is very pleased to welcome Jakub Marshall to the writing team! Jakub is a music student at Brandon University and will be contributing often to The Buzz. 

  This week I caught up with Felipe Munoz to discuss his DJ nights at S.U.D.S., and where he hopes to take this project.

Whiting Photography

Whiting Photography

  Felipe is a DJ and producer under the name TubeScreamer and a member of a collective called Cerkuz Familia that presents shows in both Winnipeg and Brandon. I’ve attended the last couple of these ‘EDM nights’ and had quite a wild time dancing to some hard hitting Drum and Bass and Jungle tunes. Brandon University Jazz Piano Prof. Michael Cain also takes the stage as SOLA to spin some seriously groovy hip-hop tracks as an added bonus for all of us admiring music students.

  I had a blast, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the sort of music that would fit best in a club setting as opposed to the relatively small space of our student bar. Explaining, Felipe said that he has “been blessed by SUDS and their wonderful staff” and that “some (other) venues prefer to maintain their strict music code”.

  The two major nightclubs in town, Houstons and Roadhouse, do indeed have fairly strict routines. Any Brandonite knows how a weekend of clubbing works in The Wheat City. Thursday you go to Houstons for ladies night, maybe get free cover. Friday you head over to Roadhouse (hopefully after attending a SUDS social), and then Saturday it’s back to Houstons. The venues will sometimes hold special events, but these are often on their off days. The routine, and the resident DJs are mostly set in stone. 

Whiting Photography

Whiting Photography

  What Felipe and his Cerkuz Familia are trying to offer is an alternative, underground, sort of club experience. In Winnipeg you can find these underground club nights if you look hard enough. Felipe, a Columbian native, says one of the reasons he moved to Canada is “Canada's incredible developments on their electronic music community and industry. With festivals. like Shambhala, and MEME.”

  MEME (standing for Manitoba Electronic Music Expo) is a multiday festival held right in the downtown core of Winnipeg, in the past they’ve had major international DJs such as Noah Pred (Berlin) play. These events are always well attended, and are an increasingly important part of the Canadian music scene overall! 

  I asked Felipe how he sees the Brandon scene evolving over time. “The way I see it this scene rests in the hands of a supportive community of friends that support (eachother). This is pure love and so there is always this small but constant support that helps nurturing the scene. With more efforts like this. In the future I see a very interesting and diverse electronic music scene in Brandon.” I think this gets to the heart of what is great about alternative music. It’s all about community, and nurturing eachother by supporting whatever creative projects your friends may be working on.

  Check out TubeScreamer, SOLA, DJ Red and many others this Saturday Feb. 13th at 8pm for “Electric Valentine’s 2.0” at SUDS. There will also be clothing, hemp jewelry, and the artwork by Kaytlyn Burke for sale. And it's free. 

Listen: http://tubescreamermusic.bandcamp.com/

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